Friday, February 18, 2005

"Oh, What a World"

"Why am I always on a plane or a fast train. Oh what a world my parents gave me. Always travelin' but not in love..."

Enough is enough. I'm done with the plane and the fast train. It might be enough for Rufus, but it ain't working or me. Why does everyone think that traveling for work is so freakin’ exciting? I live in New York City. Now, that’s exciting. But, I never get to enjoy living in the greatest city in the world because I am always spending quality time with Delta, Hilton, or Hertz. For instance, when I checked into my hotel last night, I had a hand-written note from the hotel manager thanking me for my dedication to the Hilton Family Hotels. The hand-written note brought tears to my eyes…not in a “oh, how sweet, I am touched” sort of way, but more in an “I want to be in my bed, in my house, in my city” sort of way. If I click my heels together, will it take me home? Where are the red-sequined shoes when you need them?