Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear iphone fairy...puh-lease pay me a visit!!

I wouldn’t be able to call myself a real blogger if I didn’t pay homage to the latest and greatest topic among the blogwaves. Of course, I’m talking about the iphone.

I want one. Really. Really. Bad.

I told myself I wasn’t going to get it when it first came out for two reasons. First I currently have no income. So it makes no sense to shell out $700 for the phone and pay t-mobile $200 to get out of my contract. It would be unreasonable especially sense I have a perfectly decent phone that was the “hot new gadget” almost a year ago.

Secondly, I am a little bit of a gadget dork. And I always get them as soon as they come out...most often before everyone else. And while I'm the first on the scene with the cool toy, I usually have to deal with the first generation flaws. But the cool factor outweighs the headache. However for once I decided I wasn't going to jump on the cool gadget bandwagon. I was going to prove that I’m a big girl and I CAN do without. I CAN be comfortable in being the one who doesn't have the cool new toy. I CAN be the one that carries around last year’s news.

How i feel about the iphone!
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But then everyone started getting them. And using them in front of me. And they were so pretty. And functional. And the earphones even fit my tiny ears.

And I felt like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But I kept my word to myself. And was even more committed to waiting when EW (one of my business partners who is also an early adopter) decided he was waiting too. A few weeks back we went back and forth for an entire day about it over email. Here are the excerpts:

(EW to Weezie)
I don't know much about garage door openers (I was having a problem getting my corporate mail on my sidekick…which he calls the garage door opener), but you should be able to set it to check your RM mailbox. That or you could glue swarovski crystals all over it like the kids at the mall.

I'm having trouble not getting an iphone. Maybe that is the solution to your problems?


(Weezie to EW)
I hear you on the iphone. I didn't want to get one b/c I'm always the first one to get stuff and end up getting the defective one. But this time, I'm not sure how long I can hold out. Plus, my iPod was stolen in SF, so if I'm going to replace that, I might as well just add in the extra cash and get the iphone, right?

I've been reading about it all day. Of all the things I've read - check this and this. If Eric Peterson can fold, it can happen to anyone.

(EW to Weezie)
Yeah - getting the iPhone does make sense. Besides, it is so damn cool. Have you used it yet? My only problem with it is that $700 for a cell phone is kinda retarded. You might as well buy the Vertu. Besides, $700 is only $500 less than the new watch I want.

I am going to wait a couple months to see if the battery issues get worked out. My only other hesitation is that for some reason it only keeps 200 emails. That should just about get me through a day and a half.

I'm waiting for now. Or at least until I pass an Apple store, slip / fall and accidentally buy one.


(Weezie to EW)
ok. Let’s agree we will wait. I’ll feel much better if I know I’m not the only one living without it.


I got an email from EW about a call we had scheduled. And the last thing it said was "call me on the Jesus phone."

And I knew at that moment, he had betrayed me. I was the only one left standing...all alone with no iphone. EW (or Judas) had caved.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lately there has been a lot of this happening

Seriously...on a Monday!
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I've been back in NYC for two weeks and it has been nothing but fun times. There's been lots going on and the weather has been generous. Here's the hotlist:

Good things are happening with my new company, meeting new people and spending lots of time with little cuz, PS 1, Trout, Georgia's Eastside BBQ, fun dinner parties, new shoes, Whiskey Town (new awesome bar opened nine seconds from my apartment) AND I've developed a mega crush on a very cute boy.

Aunt Mary left town for a month and my crush has yet to fall in love with me.

Bastille Day!!!! It was the most fun. Although surviving the Monday after was horrible. Here are the pictures:

What I'm listening to
I'm still listening to the Spoon album, am trying to warm up to the Wilco album still, and have been giving the Elliott Smith "New Moon" Album some serious playtime.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Magnolia Bakery - tasty - maybe, clean - not so much

I know I'm late to the game on commenting on this but Magnolia was shut down last Wednesday for health violations - the main one being they were missing a sink. The article I read (check it here) gives the details of the other violations as well. If I were Magnolia, the health department, or a potential customer, I'd be more concerned about the rat droppings and fruit flies found near the trash than the missing sink in the icing area.

Regardless it makes me laugh because I think my cupcakes are better because my cakes don't taste like cornbread and I serve them on a tree!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

New iPod

Don't Steal Music
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I just purchased my 11th ipod. For reals, I’ve gone through 10 ipods.
1. 1st generation.
2. Traded up for 2nd generation.
3. Traded up for 3rd generation. Had him for a good while, but dropped him on the ground - broke city.
4 - 9. Bought the Video ipod, ruined it by erasing the hard drive with the hardware on my handbag. Blamed it on iTunes and Windows not playing nice.

After four more iPods realized my pretty Marc Jacobs bag was destroying them. Had Video iPod #5 for a while until I left it on a plane.
10. Bought another one and kept it until it was stolen three weeks ago in San Francisco.

I also have a shuffle and thought I could just use that little guy for a while. I was wrong. I caved. I had to buy another one. Today. The bonus (if there has to be one) is I got out of the Apple Store without buying an iPhone too.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

What up? I'm back

Ok. You know when I said I’d by updating my blog more since I wasn’t working? Well, I lied. Honestly, I’ve had plenty to post about, but haven’t spent enough time at the computer share it all.

In the past 10 weeks, I’ve been to Columbia, Sarasota, Orlando, Nashville, Raleigh, White Lake (NC), LA, Chatanooga, Atlanta, Austin, and San Francisco. I’ve also been to Brooklyn more times in the past 10 weeks than I’ve been in my lifetime.

I’ve been vacationing, working on my cookbook and trying to raise capital for our new company. It’s been fun, yet exhausting and I’m sooooo thankful to be back in NYC. With that, I’ll leave you with a 10 week Hot List.

No job, good dates, trips to visit friends, Den’s fun bday, so much fantastic music released, beach vacays, family vacays, coming back to NYC

One REALLY bad date, getting my stuff stolen in SF (totally awful)

The Bright Eyes show was probably the best I’ve seen in years. Mr. BE was great – he could’ve used a haircut, but he is still so damn purty! My love for MR. BE aside, it was a spectacular show. Gillian Welch was awesome. And Britt Daniel was hot and perfect and also awesome. And I was so close to the stage I could barely believe it. I was like a kid in a candy store…it was a perfect ending to what so far has been the best week of 2007.

What I’m listening to
The new Spoon album…all day long.