Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fleeting moment...

Some cute dude in the elevator just said to me, "nice bag, marc jacobs, right?" At first I thought we were going to get married (or at least make out), because you have to marry (or randomly make out with) any man that has an eye for handbags. Unless, of course, he is gay; in that case, you instantly become friends and he is destined to be your new gay boyfriend.

So, to determine his team preference, I coyly smiled, complimented his designer recognition skills, and then inquired about the nature of his acquisition of such rare skills...totally straight and, of course, his wife works for M.J. and "has a closet full of them". I'll bet she is super skinny and eats only chocolate all day, too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

hey ya'll - we gonna get it right herre...'s the reMIXX.

Today is my last day at my current job. I only have four hours until I blow this popsicle stand and head to happy hour for celebratory beverages. Some of my favorite co-workers took me out for lunch where I enjoyed a cocktail that has left me at my desk with a slight surprise since it was Hennesey and Hyponotic. Chingy would be proud!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sorry iTunes

OK – so I have to totally apologize to iTunes. After working my way through four iPods in two weeks, blaming iTunes 4.7.1 for the demise of each one, I came to a stark realization. When an Apple genius handed me my fourth device, which I’ve named Bessie (with the hope that she’ll survive like a good ole’ Bessie should), she reminded me to keep Bessie away from speakers, metal, and magnets because these things, especially metal and magnets, would erase the hard drive. “Uh, duh – of course, I would never so such a thing,” I replied, reaching for my handbag.

Visual Interlude
Please visit this site -

Now, view photo of said handbag and notice the front pocket. This is where I keep my iPod. Yes, you are seeing correctly, right in the pocket with a large metal buckle and magnetic clasp.

Back to the story
Isn’t the bag beautiful? It was purchased about two days before Kid Sister kicked it. I'm so sorry iTunes. I take back all off the nasty things I've said about you over the last few weeks. And to Kid Sister and Leon - I'm humiliated and so very sorry to have put you in harm's way...

Friday, April 08, 2005


“An emotional tsunami is a devastating occurrence. It hits you out of nowhere, washing away your sense of balance, destroying everything it touches, taking with it everything you know to be true and good and honest. You crash with the wave, physically swept away only to return to land to face the challenge of cleaning up the wreckage and rebuilding.”

These words were written in my journal dated a year ago today, after what I hope will be the worst personal experience I encounter, when I felt like my entire life had fallen apart. It is ironic that today, a year after this was written; I feel that for the first time in my life, everything is finally coming together. I’ve realized who I am, I know where I’m going, and I’ve found hope.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's about time...

...that Carolina didn't choke at the big dance. I'm so excited I can't even sit still. Way to go boys! Sean May is without a doubt one of the greatest college bball players of all time. Today is a beautiful day.

iTunes 4.7.1 killed Kid Sister

I don't go anywhere without my iPod...hence why I named it "Kid sister," after the female version of "my buddy." For those of you that are old enough to remember the commercials - you understand..."wherever I go, she goes...kid sister and me." (Btw- I totally stole that from ALK b/c she calls her my buddy.) Anyway, understanding my attachment to Kid Sister, anyone can imagine how distressed I became when Kid Sister fell ill about a week ago. Here are the events that lead to her illness and unfortunate death:

1. I tried to buy beck's new album from itunes. In order to purchase, itunes made me upgrade to the new version.
2. In order to sync Kid Sister, to listen to new beck album, I had to download and run the new ipod software b/c it wasn't compatible with the new itunes.
3. Installing new ipod update took all day because it kept crapping out...then it crashed my machine. Unfortunately, Kid Sister was connected at time of crash with "do not disconnect" blinking at me. For future reference, when a machine crashes and restarts, the ipod thinks you have disobeyed it and it has been disconnected and…freaks out!
4. So, Kid Sister started doing crazy, crazy stuff and crashed, displaying the folder/triangle/exclamation point symbol which means - your ipod is jacked up.
5. I called the apple service number - but my 3 months phone service privilege has expired and in order to receive phone support, I have to pay $65. This is annoying and it seems a little ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the $40 earphones I bought in December totally breaking two months later. (It isn't apple's fault that I had to buy them b/c my tiny ears are too small for the ones that came with the ipod, but COME ON $40 for earphones that die after a few months.)
6. Anyway, I was told by the “expensive phone consultant” that I need to go into the store and they can help me. So that afternoon, I head down to the Apple store only to find that you must make an appointment, which you can only do for the same day and all of the spots tend to fill up within an hour of the store opening…which meant I was going to have to get there early…
7. So, next day I show up at the store at 9:00 (it opens at 9:30) and am the 11th person in line to make an appointment. I put my name on the list and finally get to discuss my issue with a “genius” at the “genius bar” about an hour and a half later. After four and a half hours, the geniuses just decided to put Kid Sister to rest, give me a new ipod (now named Leon), and sent me on my way.
8. After about two hours, I’d gotten most of the songs back in place – EXCEPT the new Beck album. For some reason, it wouldn’t load. So, I reconnected to itunes to update Leon and guess what???? Exactly – return to number 2.

I spent most of the day yesterday trying everything I could think of to fix the problem and I think I’m almost there, but of course, itunes crapped out the last time I tried to update my songs…am going to figure this out…might need some help…am currently searching for someone who understands PCs, technology, itunes, and ipod and knows how desperate one feels after being alive for 4 entire days with no working ipod…am having trouble breathing.