Friday, November 18, 2005

Questions that need to be answered

1. Has anyone seen Reese Witherspoon's bangs lately? Whaaattttt????? My personal opinion = if the long, feathered bangs are a trend on the rebound, then I'm gonna have to settle for being out-of-style. I caught her on Ellen this week and I couldn't get over it. I can't even remember a word she said because I was too busy gawking at her hair.

2. Does anyone watch Ellen? That show is so freakin' funny. It doesn't matter who she has on the show (minus little miss feather bangs)...I am always entertained. I've been working through the night for two weeks, which has given me a chance to catch up on all everything in my DVR and the problem I've found is I can only watch so much Ellen in one sitting. So, I need some recommendations. If you were me, what would you record. So far, I'm catching:
  • The Ellen Show...obviously
  • The West Wing...should win "best writing" Emmy every year
  • Best Week Ever...duh
  • Two and a Half Men...tie for funniest show on TV
  • Arrested Development...other half of tie for funniest show on TV
  • The Apprentice...both Trump and Martha
  • Pokemon...obligation
  • The OC...guilty pleasure

  • 3. Despite the above comment about her bangs, who wants to see Reese in Walk the Line this weekend?

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    It has been a long time (exactly two months)

    Since my last post I’ve:

    • been in Hawaii, LA (twice), San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Atlanta (twice), Columbia (SC), Chicago, Boston, and Macon (GA)
    • only had 5 days off of work (including the weekends), but launched 12 of 15 “high priority” projects
    • spent more time alone than I thought was humanly possible, realizing that although I missed my friends terribly – there is something rewarding about being comfortable spending time with yourself
    • made good use of the phrase “I’ll cut you” until I actually cut myself and ended up with stitches and two weeks without the use of my left hand
    • let go of a friendship that became a burden and ended a relationship that broke my heart
    • cried and prayed and yelled and cursed more times than I can remember
    • finished the short stories I’ve been working on for months two weeks before my computer had a meltdown that I'd been trying to have for weeks
    • written all of my very personal hopes and thoughts and fears and concerns and prayers in a journal only to leave it in the front seat pocket of an airplane
    • learned that at the end of the day - even if you have the best friends in the world - you can only truly count on yourself, God, and your mama…and most of the time that is all you need

    Thanks for all of the notes and comments since I took my sabbatical. It is nice to know people actually read this thing. So, I’m back with a smile on my face and a lot to say about nothing.