Thursday, November 17, 2005

It has been a long time (exactly two months)

Since my last post I’ve:

  • been in Hawaii, LA (twice), San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Atlanta (twice), Columbia (SC), Chicago, Boston, and Macon (GA)
  • only had 5 days off of work (including the weekends), but launched 12 of 15 “high priority” projects
  • spent more time alone than I thought was humanly possible, realizing that although I missed my friends terribly – there is something rewarding about being comfortable spending time with yourself
  • made good use of the phrase “I’ll cut you” until I actually cut myself and ended up with stitches and two weeks without the use of my left hand
  • let go of a friendship that became a burden and ended a relationship that broke my heart
  • cried and prayed and yelled and cursed more times than I can remember
  • finished the short stories I’ve been working on for months two weeks before my computer had a meltdown that I'd been trying to have for weeks
  • written all of my very personal hopes and thoughts and fears and concerns and prayers in a journal only to leave it in the front seat pocket of an airplane
  • learned that at the end of the day - even if you have the best friends in the world - you can only truly count on yourself, God, and your mama…and most of the time that is all you need

Thanks for all of the notes and comments since I took my sabbatical. It is nice to know people actually read this thing. So, I’m back with a smile on my face and a lot to say about nothing.

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