Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I need a vacation from my vacation.


Again…it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything to my blog. I’ve seriously been working non-stop since Thanksgiving. When I wasn’t working through the night, I was hosting or attending some sort of holiday celebration which generated some great material, yet left no time to actually document any of it. I thought for sure I’d make good use of my Christmas vacation to update you all on the past few months and yet I couldn’t even bring myself to turn on my laptop. Unfortunately, I’m back in the office for the first time in two weeks and, therefore, can no longer avoid the connection to that crazy thing we call the Internet. However, I’m still not in “working condition” which is obvious from:
  • the lack of excitement, creativity, or (quite frankly) interest this post possesses. I, myself, am even bored by it.
  • the fact that I’ve been here for six hours and have yet to bring myself to read more than 100 of my 786 emails or check any of my 19 voicemails…not even the three that are urgent.

I am certain after a few days of detox and a week of good sleep, I'll be back to normal with lots of stories to share.

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Sean Daddy said...

Hey Red,

usually there's a nice glow you get after returning from a vacation that lingers for a little while. I returned to the office 7am Tuesday and by 7:15 it had evaporated.

Can't really pinpoint what it is exactly "malaise" just seems to come to mind. Oh and that one client that just won't die and leave us alone, we tried to scare them off with a great process document I wrote that penalized them for bad assets, untimely requests etc, doubled their unit rate and set a minimum batch size for their jobs and our AE kind of caved on some of *their* demands back.

Yariv says we're working for them not RichFX they take up so much of my time just dealing with their B.S.

So in case you didn't know, Jackie's off on her 6 month Sabbatical - she had New Year's in Sydney Australia. A bunch of other people left RichFX (Jay Bragg and Jen Alban - you never met her she worked with Andy and me as junior PM). And another bunch were abruptly fired to cut costs before Christmas, including Sonia(!) and Scott from production, there were 3 others from other departments. It was very unpleasant to here of that, it came as such a shock to most of us.