Friday, March 14, 2008

What I've been up to... nothing fun.

I'm finally feeling better, but am overwhelmed with the amount of research I need to get through in the next few weeks.

Here's a tidbit I read this morning that I thought I'd share:
"Many e-commerce sites are biased toward men because women can more easily think "like a man" than men can think "like a woman," says Joseph Carrabis of NextStage Evolution."

Does that mean that most woman can think like dirty whores or that most men find it impossible to think like a crazy person????


Joseph Carrabis said...

Thanks for commenting on my column. Interesting question you ask. Is your inference that women are crazy and men are dirty whores?

sarahmcsimmons said...

yes - the snarky part of me thinks that is the case...

Anonymous said...

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