Friday, October 03, 2008

It's been a long time

As a social media expert, I preach the rules of playing in the social media game. Blogging rule #1 = don't start a blog unless you can commit to updating it regularly. Obviously, I've broken that rule. Every part of my life has been super crazy for the past six months. I have over 400 emails in my personal inbox, over 20 hours of unwatched television saved to my DVR, two piles of magazines waiting to be read, and a list of "to dos" three pages long. I'll spare you the details and recap the past six months with the hot list.

Adult camp, new apartment, beach with the babies, Lanie & Sophia, a 2 week sleepover with TOSS (the other sara simmons), having a crush for the first time in almost a year, making money, UGA football (minus last weekend), Danny moving to NYC, trips to the lake, new babies, quality time with Josie, finding a new yoga groove, meeting new people, loving my work, fitting back into my skinny jeans, network TV back in business, knowing who your real friends are.

Having to learn who your real friends are the hard way, bed bugs, moving, floods, missing Cuz and the Colonel, waking up by 7 AM every, single morning, Hunt moving to Brooklyn, not seeing old friends, losing my tolerance for cocktails, traveling too much, furnishing a new apartment, economic fallouts and bailouts, constant election conversation, hockey moms, main street, wall street, having no time, the slaughter that was the Bama/UGA game last weekend.

Hands down the spotlight in the past six months has been Sheldon. I’d been thinking about getting a puppy for a while and was moving into a new place that allowed pets. When I saw his little face, I knew he was mine. So five months ago, my life changed. He is exhausting and more work than I remembered from Avery being a puppy. But he is worth every single second of effort as he is the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. You know those people that have babies and all they can do is talk about their babies? Well, I’m worse than those people because all I want to talk about is how adorable Sheldon is…seriously.

What I’ve been listening to
When ones gets super busy something has to give. And in my case, the thing that had to give (besides updating my blog) was scoping out and sharing new music. I’ve received 5 albums within the past 6 months and haven’t even loaded them into iTunes. This will have to change.

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