Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not so quick recap...

It’s been over a month since my last update. Work is still crazy busy and I’m traveling all of the time, but all in all I’m happy. When I think about the last month, the only negative things that come to mind are work stress, Georgia getting killed by UF, the Steelers losing twice (but both times to one of the Manning boys – whom we all know I LOVE!) and cracking my forehead open on my front door. Really. I did that. Sober.

It was 5:30 in the AM and I was hurrying out the door to walk Sheldon before leaving for a trip to Miami. I was running late and super excited about my trip and ended up running my own face into the door. It was ridiculous. The door hit me so hard it knocked me to the ground causing my neighbor to come out of her apartment to see what happened. I should’ve gone to the ER for stitches, but I needed this trip to South Beach, so I went to the airport anyway with a towel and an ice pack – courtesy of my neighbor. The wound stopped bleeding about half way to Miami and upon arrival, I was able to enjoy some sunshine – though looked like a freak at the pool with a towel covering my entire face and an ice pack on top. Whatever.

Post South Beach I returned to NYC just in time for my birthday. Man I love birthdays…especially mine. The celebration was lower key than one would expect for a Friday night but monumental in that I feel like it was that night that Weezie got her groove back. Since I got Shel and moved and started working mad hours I’ve been way less fun. But, for some reason, that night jump-started my re-entry into the NYC social scene. I’ve even taken this new social attitude on the road with me making for quite a few debaucherous nights out in Grand Rapids where much fun was had and bad decisions weren’t made but were definitely considered…more on that later.

As I mentioned, work has been stressful…almost too much lately. I’m a little exhausted and a lot overwhelmed. I really just need some time off to sit and think. I’ve got to make some pretty big career decisions soon and I’m not giving myself the down time to think things through. The most positive thing to note is that I have decisions to make while other people are getting laid off. So, again, I shouldn’t complain.

I took last Friday and Monday off with the intention of getting my head around my “next big thing” but Friday got sucked up by work and Monday I blew it off to pal around the city with the Joker and the Fireman (read: friends from Cali that were in town for Halloween). It was a super fun day, so worth putting my career planning on hold. In fact, Halloween weekend was super fun all around. I was Snow White and the Colonel was Judy Jetson. We were kind of adorable. The Cali + Chicago crew came in town to join Team Halloween for grown-up trick or treating, otherwise known as dressing up in ridiculous costumes and drinking insane amounts of cocktails. We hit up the SEC shindig (which was half) and then sat in traffic for almost an hour en route to Seth’s annual party. As usual, Seth’s party was fun (despite what KK and Carney had to say) and the night ended up being pretty crazy with lots of making out in public. I had fun and didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure. I’m leaving it at that.

The rest of the weekend followed a similar course. More drinking (less making out in public) and fun with my friends. Check out the pictures here:
Nora's Pictures
Brian's Pictures
My Photos

The only other thing to note is election night. It was pretty amazing. It's the first time I've seen so many people in NYC smiling. We went to Dens' house for an election party and then out for drinks. On the way home, we hopped out of the cab to join this block party on St. Marks. The street was full of people singing, dancing, and passing around the flag like it was a person. I've got some photos and a video, but they really don't do the moment justice.

So there you have it - my update. I downloaded three new albums - Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, and Cold War Kids, so i'm sure to have a music update on the hot-list soon. Hopefully I'll get to that before another month passes.

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