Friday, March 03, 2006

Clothing Crisis

It’s Friday. I’ve been at work since 9:00. Everything I’m working on right now is at a stand still because I’m waiting on someone else to do their part so I can finish. I’m bored and all I can think about is what on earth I’m going to wear tonight. I’ve got a date with a boy that is in mid-transition from “just a friend” to “possibly more than friend” status. This kid has seen me in a bathing suit (gross! but points for him for wanting to take me out anyway), but you always want to look your best for the first official mid-transition date, right? Here is the challenge I'm facing.

Two of my favorite (read “sexy and comfortable”) pairs of shoes are being re-soled right now and won’t be ready until tomorrow and I think tonight’s main activity will include a lot of standing. Thus, I’m left with the “sexy heels or comfortable flats” decision. It is really cold outside and everyone knows that layers are very unattractive, but I really don’t want to freeze because I’m trying not to look like a stay-puff marshmallow. Someone scheduled a late afternoon meeting (6:00 on a FRIDAY!!!!!) which I have to attend. This sucks because obviously no one wants to meet that late on a Friday. But more importantly, I really need to have my eyebrows done, as I just realized I’m starting to look a little bit like Oscar the Grouch. Finally, I hate everything in my closet. There are items from which I've yet to remove the tags that I’m sick of because I’m just tired of looking at them. So all I can do now is sit and wait for the 6:00 meeting and think about how I’m going to solve these problems before 8:00 this evening.

The only good thing I've got going for me right now is my hair looks really good today.

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