Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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This past weekend I went to the beach in Florida with some friends. Court’s parents have this new house (totally rad – btw) in Watercolor…a private community next to Seaside (where the Truman show was filmed). It was a super weekend. I’d forgotten how relaxing it can be spending the weekend with people you love (that aren’t related to you…well - except cuz, of course) We sunned, played, drove around on our rental bikes (which I LOVED!) and ate and drank until our little hearts were content.

Here are the pics:

The last time I remember eating and drinking that much was two years ago in California with JSM. She was living in LA and I was headed to the Pokemon World Champion Trading Card Tournament. So I flew into LA and made her go to San Diego with me for the Nerd Prom 05. The tournament, as you can imagine, was totally boring. The only think mildly exciting was talking to William Hung (yes, he was in the tournament) and acting like we were fans. But when we weren’t interviewing dweebs for new product ideas, we were eating and/or drinking. We consumed so much that we began keeping a food diary, which I found yesterday while cleaning my office. Here is what it said:

Lunch: Pistachios and beer (like two 12 packs)
Dinner: Pasta (JSM) and chicken (me) and pocketfuls of M&Ms

Breakfast: Cheese and meat omelettes, bagels and toast, coffee, hashbrowns, candy
Snacks: Caramel corn, fire cheetos
Lunch: McDonald’s nuggets, fries, and sodas
Dinner: Beer, margaritas, chips, salsa, guac, AND combo Mexican platters
Dessert: Ghiradelli’s cookie sundae and wine at the hotel bar

Breakfast: Diet cokes and caramel corn
Lunch: Bloody Mary’s, Seafood Salads, Calamari
Snack: More Ghiradelli sundaes (I remember we got out of bed from a nap, went to get them to-go and brought them back to the room and continued watching Dirty Dancing and napping)
Dinner: Pre-dinner cocktails, three apps, bread, butter, a bottle of napa wine, steak, scallops, and fish. We had dessert and I think I remember it was crème brulee. We ate with a co-worker who said, "i've never seen two girls eat and drink this much" as he picked up the tab!
Post Dinner: another bottle of wine and 5,000 cocktails. That was before they closed the bar downstairs and we went up to clean out the mini-bar in my room and created our own party with these new friends we met.

Lunch: Hooters wings and fries served by the World’s Dumbest Hooters Waitress (that is saying a lot)
Dinner: Pizza

I am grossed out. Totally.

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