Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sunshine & Clouds

While we were at Sundance, we played Sunshine and Clouds over dinner one night - each of us naming one good thing and one bad thing that had happened during the day. Here is my Sunshine and Cloud for the past two days.

Cloud: I've been pretty sick.

Sunshine: Being sick has given me the time to catch up on some research for work and watch the Superbowl post-game coverage - including yesterday's ticker-tape parade.

Here are my thoughts after watching the parade and the ceremony at City Hall:

- Do the players really need to ride on the floats and record the entire thing with their hand-held cameras? Can't they afford to pay someone to do that for them?
- Can you really proclaim to the be WORLD champions if it is really only a national competition?
- Thanks to the Tisch family for being the only ones to specifically thank Coach Coughlin. And thanks to both the Tisch's and the Mara's for not firing him after he begged to keep his job.
- I loved watching Strahan talk. And man he can catch some air when he jumps/stomps. I love him. I want to be in his family circle.
- Eli Manning is adorable. I have a crush on his entire family. But he needs some help with his wardrobe. He's always dressed like a slob. And he could use a shave.
- Mayor Bloomberg is such a dork and I bet Hillary isn't too pleased with Gov. Spitzer's joke about writing Coughlin in at the polls this morning.

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