Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Today is the first day in the Chinese New Year. Give a round of applause for the Year of the RAT! Since I save all of my self-improved resolving until the start of the lunar calendar, this means today is the day I:

  1. Resolve to do core-strengthening activities at least four times a week
  2. Begin my heart-rate training program
  3. Vow I will not kill my herb garden
  4. Knock at least 3 things off my "i'd rather die than do this task/chore" list per week
  5. Start keeping a food diary to keep tabs on my chicken finger & stoli blueberry consumption
  6. Stretch after running
  7. Recycle
  8. Attempt to balance friends/work/Weezie time
  9. Begin accepting first date invitations
  10. Learn how to live in the present

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