Thursday, January 20, 2005

Getting Old Sucks

I am still amazed that the older you get, the longer your hangovers last. Right now, i feel like someone ran over me 17 times with a truck before beating me over the head with a steel rod...this pain, by the way, is the aftermath from a night of drinking that occured two days ago. Granted nothing less should be expected when you kick off a tuesday night off with a martini, followed by 111 glasses of wine, with a mojito as dessert. But come on, this is too much. Isn't it punishment enough that after leaving the bar, i couldn't find a cab and had to walk 30 blocks home in nine degree weather? (p.s. - the bar was actually 10 blocks away from my apartment...i walked 10 blocks in the wrong direction before realizing it...i am an idiot - i know.) I'll do anything to feel better - even thought of never drinking again, but that is not an heading straight from work to a date with the hair of the dog.

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