Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sad day for the weez

Today is the truly the first sad day of 2005; First, a day-long ski trip to one of the greatest places in north America isn’t going to happen. I’ve been waiting for this trip for months, more for the scenery than the skiing. Sure, I’ve been longing for the slopes, but it’s slopes atop the mountain at Squaw Valley that I will miss the most. I yearn to be at the top of the mountain, overlooking Lake Tahoe. Every time I’m there I feel a sense of renewal and this year I need that renewal more than ever.

So, while I’ve been waiting for months to be at the top of that mountain, I’ve been waiting for 15 years for my Steelers to make it to the big game. But, it looks like that ain’t happening either. When I boarded the plane, it was looking bad…down by three touchdowns. I’m actually glad to be flying for the rest of the game because it is a personal rule of mine that I don’t cry in public.

PS - To the ding-dong sitting next to me while we were waiting in the terminal…you are exactly the kind of dude I try to avoid. It doesn’t help that you grew up in Gainesville (an admitted “die hard gator fan”), went to Duke (a shortcoming that needs no explanation), and were pulling for the Pats (not because you cared about the team, but because you feel that “nothing good has ever come out of Pittsburgh”). Those things simply make you annoying. What makes you intolerable is the way you were trashing people sitting nearby to a complete stranger and if I could hear you, there is a good chance that they could hear you. I’m sorry that someone in your past didn’t accept you. Please seek therapy to overcome your insecurities and find a real team to pull for.

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