Friday, July 27, 2007

Lately there has been a lot of this happening

Seriously...on a Monday!
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I've been back in NYC for two weeks and it has been nothing but fun times. There's been lots going on and the weather has been generous. Here's the hotlist:

Good things are happening with my new company, meeting new people and spending lots of time with little cuz, PS 1, Trout, Georgia's Eastside BBQ, fun dinner parties, new shoes, Whiskey Town (new awesome bar opened nine seconds from my apartment) AND I've developed a mega crush on a very cute boy.

Aunt Mary left town for a month and my crush has yet to fall in love with me.

Bastille Day!!!! It was the most fun. Although surviving the Monday after was horrible. Here are the pictures:

What I'm listening to
I'm still listening to the Spoon album, am trying to warm up to the Wilco album still, and have been giving the Elliott Smith "New Moon" Album some serious playtime.

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