Friday, July 13, 2007

New iPod

Don't Steal Music
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I just purchased my 11th ipod. For reals, I’ve gone through 10 ipods.
1. 1st generation.
2. Traded up for 2nd generation.
3. Traded up for 3rd generation. Had him for a good while, but dropped him on the ground - broke city.
4 - 9. Bought the Video ipod, ruined it by erasing the hard drive with the hardware on my handbag. Blamed it on iTunes and Windows not playing nice.

After four more iPods realized my pretty Marc Jacobs bag was destroying them. Had Video iPod #5 for a while until I left it on a plane.
10. Bought another one and kept it until it was stolen three weeks ago in San Francisco.

I also have a shuffle and thought I could just use that little guy for a while. I was wrong. I caved. I had to buy another one. Today. The bonus (if there has to be one) is I got out of the Apple Store without buying an iPhone too.

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