Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I heart the Tighten Up Report

Monday I threw in a link to a blog post that pointed out some serious flaws with the holier than thou iPhone. Little cuz told me about this blog - The Tighten Up Report – to which some friends of our friends contribute. It sounded funny and like a good idea. Little did I know it is freaking hilarious and one of the most genius blogs on the Internets.

These 15+ writers make great use of blogging software to give whatever and whomever a heads up that for some reason they need to get it together – or tighten up. Every once in a while, someone gets a high five for being tight, but it’s usually just a series of hilarious and often cynical rants. A few of my favorite include:
Dear TUP Friends,

Thanks for creating a bright star in a blogosphere full of mostly crap. Just knowing that the stupid people/companies/etc I’ve encountered may be called out and ripped open on the TUP has made sucky experiences a bit more bearable.


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