Friday, August 17, 2007

What up hot list?

I've been back in NYC for about a week. All I can say is THANK GOD! It's been a pretty fun few weeks, though it has been super busy (and a tad stressful). Anyway, here's the recap.

Trip back to Athens GA, bringing sexy back at JT, Court's new fantastic roomie, Kevin K being back from LA, seeing Ratatouille, eating arepas twice in a week, finishing Harry Potter, and a fun-filled Saturday which included - lunch at Caracas, The Simpsons, a failed trip to PS1, Water Taxi Beach, exploring Queens, a nice walk, and a yum dinner at Atlas.


Being one of the few that missed the Daft Punk show and discovering that "my bar" had become infested with a douche crowd while I was away.

This is going to sound weird. BUT I think the thing worth noting and applauding is the fact that a year ago this week I officially got out of my relationship with Either/Or...for good. There's something powerful in loving someone so much and feeling like you can't imagine your life without them, yet still having the strength to walk away from them. And I did that. I walked out. A year ago. And I am 987 times a happier, nicer, more sane person because of it. YAY!

What I've been listening to
The VanMega August 2007 Mixtape

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