Thursday, September 06, 2007

The past three weeks...

...have been nothing but a series of debaucheries. While I feel totally exhausted, I can't remember when I've had three solid weeks of continuous fun. It all pretty much got kicked off on August 16th with a random night out until 2 AM and ended (finally) this past Monday at 4 AM. I've been out 18 of the past 21 nights, clocking in at home past 4 AM for six of them and 6 AM for three of them. Amazingly enough I've participated in all of this craziness on top of actually getting my work done and not missing one day at the gym.

I thought I had somehow been taken back in time and was 21 again (though I was actually more well-behaved then) until I woke up this morning feeling like my body was shutting down on me...though I'd slept for 13 hours. Although we are moving into my favorite time of the year full of birthdays (mine included) and football Saturdays, I'm vowing to take a break, as to avoid feeling like I do at this very moment. In the meantime, I've got a hot-list full of fun to remind me why I'm totally worn out.


The mojito crawl, the National at South Street Seaport, Meghan’s bday shindig, Forbidden Broadway, Labor Day shenanigans, visit from my Austin cuz, celeb spotting Jemaine from Flight of the Concords at Caracas, Aunt Mary returning to town, a fun-filled Friday night with Kooz, fun first dates, random Wednesday night dance party at Solas, Margs at Tortila Flats, Georgia football, spontaneous wine bar hop, and Australians (who can party like no humans I've ever met).

Discovering I SUCK at fooseball, having to bail on my trip to the ACL festival, hangovers, and missing a girls' weekend away.

Despite all of the outings, drink-a-thons and evenings with cute boys, the spotlight falls on the kickoff of football season. Most of my friends are shocked by my obsession with football. As one friend says, “it doesn’t fit in with the indie rock, tech-nerd, manhattan socialite thing you’ve got going on.” I think the shock comes because most of my friends equate die-hard SEC college football fans with white trash rednecks. And while I may have a subtle southern accent, I’m far from anything closely resembling a redneck. Anyway, I love football and I look forward to gameday Saturdays for the next 14 weeks. Georgia looked pretty good during the home opener and as long as they keep it up, I will be a happy girl and it will be a fantastic fall!

What I’m listening to
I'm still rolling through the vanmega mix. But I've been going back to the Odelay album quite a lot lately.

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