Thursday, May 12, 2005

This week's most popular sites

A discussion with a co-worker about the Dukes of Hazzard prompted me to research a fact or two about Cooter. Google led me here where I entertained myself for way too long and actually made a purchase.

McSweeney’s is a regularly visited site because it’s guaranteed I’ll find a list that makes me laugh out loud for days. This list is my favorite because it’s about time someone took the time to point out how lame these lyrics were…I should know since I have every word burned into my mind and if I speak them aloud, without the beats V. Ice ripped off from Queen in the background, it sounds ridiculous.

This made me laugh more and more every single time I clicked the pig. It still makes me laugh over and over again.

This jewel of a site was sent to me by a dear friend who knew I needed a pick-me-up one day last week. I don’t think I need an explanation as to why I can visit this page again and again.

I’m eagerly awaiting updates on my friend’s trip to Taiwan and I love this site for two reasons. One - because I can be assured he’s doing okay when he makes an update. Two – his writing is very entertaining and the stories he shares about conversations with his grandfather are amazing and inspirational.
*Bonus = the fact that I basically forced him to start this blog and its existence proves that enough nagging will make someone do anything.


Swan said...

Hey Weezie,

You're too kind! Writing my Taiwan trip journal has been a great sanity check. And yes, I'm a sucker for nagging--but only when the nagger is smart & good-looking ;)

weeziespeaksout said...

ooohhh - am currently blushing at my desk.