Tuesday, May 17, 2005

grumpy smurf speaks out (part deux)

I'm totally grumpy again today. I can now add the following reasons to yesterday's small list of reasons for my grumpy mood:
  1. I gained another 107 pounds last night, so you can imagine how comfortable I am right now and how much I HATE what I'm wearing.
  2. I had someone on my team change her vacation around so we could attend a conference in two weeks that sold out about 10 minutes before I tried to register.
  3. I am more than likely not going to be able to go to Hawaii as planned this summer due to work.
  4. My air conditioning in my apartment is busted and my landlord told me that according to my lease, they don't fix the air. That, plus the fact that my tub is still clogging up
  5. I was stung by a wasp at lunch - on the side of my neck - which is now the size of Alaska.
  6. i still hate my haircut.
  7. I simply want to cry at my desk for all of the reasons listed above especially one, three, and five.


MsComrade said...

you did see a superstar at the gym.

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