Thursday, June 23, 2005

Falling down

I am a lot of things...graceful isn't one of them. Seriously, I can fall down just standing there. For instance, this morning (during rush hour) I tripped over my own two feet and completed a nice face plant in the middle of Grand Central Station at 9:00 in the morning. Thank goodness nobody saw it. Uh - kidding...everyone saw it. I think there was even a second or two when everyone halted and stopped breathing because it felt sooo quiet in the middle of the atrium.

I'm so used to the falling bit that I stopped getting embarrassed a long time ago. I think the last time I was truly embarrassed by a fall was my junior year in college when I fell down a flight of stairs at Jacksonville Landing after the GA/FL football was a bad fall. My skirt flew up, I broke the heel of one shoe and fractured my arm in three places.

Anyway, the only thing that really irritated me was I was donning a new pair of pants that I'd been waiting for weeks to wear, saving them for something a third date with a cute boy. I ended up having to buy another pair of pants at lunch due to the large dirt spot left by the floor. And then the shoes I was wearing didn't really match, so I was forced to buy another pair of shoes...being a klutz is freaking expensive.

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Lou said...

That's not so bad as sitting in a nice jazz club with some friends you haven't seen in awhile and attempting to do the "I love it" from Saturday Night Live, Molly Shannon, and falling off the bar stool on your back. Not so sure why the "I love it" wanted to come out...maybe the 10 million glasses of wine and the cosmos afterward.