Wednesday, June 01, 2005

“Backstreet’s back all-right”…

For the past two weeks, I’ve been pretty much consumed by an overwhelming amount of work and my highly entertaining, but utterly frustrating love life. Since I try not to write much about either subject, I haven’t had much to say. But, even though work is tough and I’m in relationship limbo, Weezie is still smiling because it is summer, I live in NYC, and my iPod is loaded (and will be loaded) with great new tunes. I’m so freakin’ excited about all the great albums that have just come out or are being released soon. Who’s with me?

I just finished listening to round one of the new Stephen Malkmus album and, in my opinion (although VERY biased), it is great. I’m bummed that I’ll miss his show next week, but at least the tickets will be put to good use, especially if ALK takes a cute boy with her.

So, in addition to the new SM & the Jicks album, I think the Beck album = great; Ben Folds = great; Doves = great; Spoon = good; Dave Mathews = good (which is big b/c I’m not much of a DMB fan). I haven’t heard the new Audioslave album yet, but it can’t suck and Weezer’s new album has to at least be better than their DVD which was excruciating to watch. I’m anxiously awaiting the new Bright Eyes single, along with the White Stripes and Coldplay albums, but I am just going to assume they will also = great. All of that and Nick Carter and friends are back in business...who wouldn’t be excited?

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MsComrade said...

who the hell is audioslave? i am sooooo lame. don't forget to get the new smog album, too!!