Wednesday, February 08, 2006

randomness... how I would describe my day so far. I can’t seem to concentrate at all and have no drive to get any work done. So, to be consistent with the day, I’ll just rattle off the randomness that is running around in my brain.

- Pink is the new Blog ( has some great material. It is a super way to waste time at work.
- Tina Fey is writing a pilot for a new show starring…you guessed it – Tina Fey. Unfortunately, rumor has it Rachel Dratch will be in the cast for the pilot. Love Tina Fey! Rachel Dratch totally creeps me out.
- I officially have a crush on Kanye West.
- I am pleasantly surprised that I can make it to the Whole Foods at Columbus circle and back with lunch (to go) in 30 minutes.
- Reading about my friend dennis’s crazy life - can also help pass the time at work

That’s all I got. It is finally time to go home.

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