Monday, June 26, 2006

Hot List - Week of June 19

It was a pretty low-key week...not much trouble to get into, but here goes:

Coming home from Saturday night when the sun was just starting to rise, SRJ’s graceful fall down the stairs at some club in W. Village, eating at SALT – one of my favorite NYC dinner spots, reliving Adult Camp (swear I’ll update tomorrow) through everyone’s flickr pages.

Realizing how white my legs really are after seeing Flying Oak’s flickr sets. Ouch…if it doesn’t stop raining in the city, I may have to hit the tanning bed…I'd rather run the risk of getting skin cancer than carrying the guilt of blinding innocent New Yorkers who may not be wearing sun glasses when I’m wearing a skirt.

DENS’s birthday party was the spotlight of the week…not because it was THAT much fun. I mean it was REALLY fun, but I really enjoyed watching DENS bounce around from girl to girl. Who knew DENS had such a way with the ladies? I’d say 80% of the attendees were girls and 80% of the girls in attendance were not in our circle of friends. In fact, I haven’t seen most of them before (not that I know everyone in his life). I’m not saying he’s been “friendly” with all of the girls I don’t know, but I did find it funny that EVERY SINGLE girl I met immediately asked me in that weird (have you hooked up with him) tone, “so how do YOU know DENS?” They dropped the icy tone when I answered, “he’s just a dude in my circle of friends.” I finally caught on that most of them were digging to see if I “KNEW” knew him. So, I started making things up when I was asked…and I was asked the same question in the same tone every time I met someone knew.

Crazy Work Story:
There isn’t anything crazy to speak of at the moment. The New Girl has been working for me for a month now and we are both super busy…which scares me because I used to be doing both of our jobs. No wonder I was working 15 hrs a day.

What I’m listening to:
The Futureheads new album. I tried to fall in love with newest by The Flaming Lips - not happening and I'm sorely disappointed.

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