Monday, June 19, 2006


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It's rare that you meet someone and become instant friends...but it happened to me while I was away...twice in one day. This is Rockelle. We met April 26th in a boring roundtable discussion at a conference, on April 27th we became best of friends, on April 28th we hung out all day and found ourselves asking how we'd survived so long without each other. She's one of the main reasons why summer in the city has been way too much fun thus far and has agreed to be my partner in crime for troublemaking. I've been needing a good partner in crime, so it all works out perfectly...except for one fatal flaw.

Flaw = Rockelle is convinced that she's moving to San Fran this fall. Now San Fran is great - one of my favorite cities. But it is missing one important thing - yours truly. So, I'm going to need a plan for keeping her here. She seems pretty serious about moving and since I'm serious about keeping her here, I'm going to need some help. I need to find her a man and a job in NYC and she'll be sure to stick around. She prefers tall, dark, good looking men and is interested in Internet Marketing positions. If anyone knows about the availability of either, shoot me a message at

Thanks in advance!

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