Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sidekick III

Sidekick III
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I just got it today! It actually hits the street July 10th, but two T-mobile stores are selling it to existing customers early and one of them happens to be in NYC. So far I've not been able to do more than watch it charge. Therefore I can't say if I'm 100% in love with it or not. But, off the bat there are some pros and cons

1. bluetooth enabled (bought that too...a pink one)
2. much better camera
3. added music library
4. ms pacman ringtones
5. lighter & thinner
6. removable battery

1. lost all voicemails and text messages when I swapped the SIM card (probably for the best that some of those messages are gone)
2. my downloads didn't transfer to the device which means i have to re-install EVERYTHING over again...even the stuff I paid for.

I'll have more to discuss tomorrow or later on...along with that adult camp update.


After spending some time with my newest toy, I've decided I'm only slightly impressed. The thinner, lightness factor of the new design is super important for fitting into small handbags. But it hardly makes up for the wow factor that is 100% lacking.

Number One Complaint = Not only did I lose all of the ringtones and games when I made the switch, most of the super cool ones aren't available. Plus, all of the free ringtones that were halfway decent in the last version are now only available for purchase, leaving me with about 17 crappy sound FX for free...makes me feel like i downgraded versus upgraded.

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