Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day Three: movie + celeb shoving + music + comedy + hunger + lameness

Yesterday was ridiculously busy. We got up pretty early…me not feeling so well…from the Margaritas and the vodka and the red bull. Anyway we hauled it to Eccles for the premiere of “Frozen River.”, Frozen River was fantastic. Going into the movie, all I knew was it was written and directed by Courtney Hunt and had been featured in the Sundance short program a few years back. With no expectations, I was more than pleasantly surprised. More on that later…

Post Movie, LF ran off to a panel and I went home to shower. We met some NYC boys on Friday night in the music business who put us on the list for entry into the ASCAP music café and had invited us to join them to catch the five person line up yesterday afternoon.

So I shower and hurried to meet up with Leigh and the boys. I get down to Main street, already running a little late to find a massive amount of people standing and gawking on the sidewalk. No one was moving. Fed up with the crowd and now officially late, I weave my way through the people Manhattan style. As I’m hurrying up the hill, out of nowhere I’m shoved into a snow bank. Like full on, get-the-hell-out-of-my-way-lady shoved into the snow. Was there a fire? Free swag bags being handed out? NO! I got shoved into the snow because two women wanted to catch a glimpse of Corey Feldman. COREY FELDMAN?!?!?!? I got up, brushed off the snow and in my loudest, meanest voice I shouted at the women, “I mean we all loved Goonies, but really ladies, Corey Feldman?”

Anyway, I got to the music café irritated and tired…which was the theme for the day. We spent the next five hours listening to some great artists…Ingrid Michaelson, Sea Wolf, and Pat Monahan (lead singer of Train) we're the best of the crew…although Pat Monahan kind of acted like an asshole…hopefully it was just an act.

Then we left music behind us and headed to Sidecar to get in line for Seth’s Sweet show. It was hilarious and the highlight of the day. He had a great line-up – John Veiner, David Wain, Nick Kroll with Jason Sudekis acting as the Kevin Eubanks of the Sweet show. Seth was the funniest and not just because he is my friend. Nick Kroll gets my non-friend vote for funniest comedian and it’s not just because he’s a cute jewish boy…he’s really quite hilarious. Last note about the show = Jason Sudekis has a good looking strike beard…pulls it off real well...almost makes him as hot as Seth Meyers. No wait, that is impossible. (Note: As much as I was irritated at the two tools that shoved me into the snow, I would have done the same in the effort to catch a glimpse of Seth Meyers. I heart him in a little school girl crush kinda way. It is retarded.)

Post comedy we scoured the streets for a restaurant with a table for three. We were starving as the last time we’d eaten was before Frozen River and nothing had availability…except the Prime steakhouse at the end of Main. I told the hostess that I’d name my first born after her if she could get us a table, so it looks like I’m naming my first kid Erin.

After steak and wine and potatoes, the Weez was exhausted + drunk/hungover + full + and decided to leave LF and The Colonel downtown to party and head home to bed. I know…me = the lamest person in Park City on Saturday night…especially since I missed both the EW and the Motorola parties. There is no excuse, I was lame. But I slept well and now I'm headed to Deer Valley to ski with some old friends.

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