Thursday, January 03, 2008

You Know You Travel Too Much When...

oIt’s the third day in the new year and the vacation is over. I’m currently on a plane heading out to San Francisco for five days of investment meetings and strategy work with my partners. I traveled so much in 2007 that EsselNYC said my New Year’s resolution should be to stay in town more. I agree. But in the foreseeable future, this is my reality – too little time in NYC, searching for Internet access while stuck in an airport, or alone in a Hilton watching college football.

Okay the last one is a stretch. Because there is no more college football (sniffle, sniffle) – at least for me. Preparing for this trip caused me to miss the Fiesta Bowl last night. I’m flying right now during the Orange Bowl. (I’ve asked the pilot to please keep me updated with the score. I really want VA Tech to get trampled.) And I will miss most or all of the National Championship game on Monday.

It’s ok. I’ll get over missing the bowl games. However, I may never get over today’s dining experience. While having lunch in the Terminal A Chili’s To Go (I know – glamorous life I lead), I found a dark curly hair in my salad three bites in. Gross. I told the waiter. He asked me if I wanted a new one. I answered him with “the look” and he nodded walking away quickly to get my check. Here’s the weird thing. He came back with my bill for $1.12. The manager comped my food. BUT – charged me for the tax. Isn’t that the weirdest?

Or is this the weirdest? As I was walking onto the plane (three hours late due to delays), one of the flight attendants called me by name and asked if I’d like her to hang my coat. Seriously. I fly so much that she recognized my face and remembered my name. EsselNYC is right. I need to make a point to spend more time in Manhattan.

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