Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kenneth Cole Party at "Stereo"

So back to the Kenneth Cole party. LF + Colonel + Me get to “Stereo” to a line full of people trying to whine/bully their way into the bar. It is 6 degrees outside and no one was getting in because the bar was at full capacity…people were literally flipping out.

There were these two girls totally losing it because they couldn’t get in…yelling at the doorman – “we are ON THE LIST!!!…calling their friends who were inside…more yelling. Then there were the three guys next to us that were all (in meathead voice), “um, do you not know who we are, yo?” I was cold and a bit tipsy & I thought it would be fun to play with these assholes. Turning to the boys I chimed in with “I don’t know who you are, but WE are really important. (turning back to the Colonel) And should actually be on the VIP list.” (I mentioned before that the Zoom Margarita may have been a bad idea) The boys rolled their eyes and looked at us like we were crazy.

But about two seconds later, the door opens and our friend Danny points the three of us out to the doorman. We walked into the party leaving the meathead dudes and screaming LA girls outside to freeze…but not before I turned to the boys and softly whispered, “I told you we were important.”

The party was super fun. Our friends already had a table when we got there, so it was cool to just sit back and watch the LA crowd act up and spot celebrities mingling about. Most important take aways = Woody Harrelson is much better looking in person, so is Emily Mortimer and I have no business drinking vodka on the rocks with red bull chasers.

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