Friday, January 18, 2008

Sundance Day One: It's colder than Vernal up in here!

Day One kicked off like this…wake up, shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and head to the mountain for a quick lesson to warm up my legs for the season. First problem = it was 13 degrees outside. Second problem = I misread the temp and 13 was actually the high…when I left it was 1 degree. This made for an awful day on the mountain. So I took my lesson, took a few runs by myself and waited for LF to get in town so we could get settled into our condo and begin Sundancing.

LF arrived a little late and we headed up to Main St. to pick up our tickets and grab a bite to eat. We ended up at Butcher’s, my local Park City hang out. I spent so much time there last year that I felt like Norm from Cheers. We walked around in the freezing cold until we could no longer manage and then headed home to rest up before dinner.

We had dinner at 350 Main which was nice, but we got stuck at a table downstairs with large parties and couples. It wasn’t so much the atmosphere we sought and you pretty much go to 350 Main for the atmosphere. We finished dinner pretty late and Big Meal + Cocktails + Elevation + Exhaustion + Married couple scene = LF & Weezie losing steam fast. So we decided to make it an early night, except we ended up at Butcher’s for “one more drink” on the way home. This is how it starts. Ugh. Lots of drinking. And lots of boys makes Weezie forget about Big Meal + Cocktails + Elevation + Exhaustion + Married couple scene. We ended up chatting with these really hot boys who turned out to be totally douches. I man total douches. I swear they were working on material for “Mormons gone Wild” because all they could talk about was how they used to be Mormon but now they were going to the dark side. LF and I weren’t interested in joining them on their journey (or taking showers with them…though they kept asking), so we ditched them and went home...need rest for big day of skiing tomorrow.

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