Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome to Sundance!!!

I’m in Park City for the next 10 days for Sundance. I’ve been in town for a day and a half so far and while I’ve enjoyed skiing & relaxation, I’m eager for the action to begin.

The most exciting event thus far resulted from me being a total idiot the first night I was in town. I arrived at the hotel relatively early and since LF wasn’t arriving until much later, I decided to walk over to the outlet mall. I forgot to pack a swim suit, so decided to pick one up, but ended up getting sidetracked at the Harry & David. My mama has been looking for this Red Pepper Relish they sell, so I went it to pick some up for her. 45 minutes and $60 dollars later, I walked out carrying two bags of relishes, crackers, and moose munch.

I realized on my way over to the outlet mall that the proper route (meaning the sidewalk) to and from was much longer than the way the crow flies. Since I’m the girl who runs 10k races and does 120 minutes yoga classes, but drives around the parking lot for 10 minutes to find the closest spot, I decided to take the crow’s route back to the hotel. This requires me to cut behind the outlet mall and cross over a small snow bank back up to the hotel.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next…the snow bank = not so small as I found myself waist deep in snow after taking my first step off of it. After standing there assessing my situation for a few minutes, I decided that it would be much easier to trudge through the waist deep snow than to climb back up the snow bank and walk the long way back to the hotel. Another. Bad. idea. Basically it took me longer to work my way through the snow carrying two bags of overpriced snacks than it would had I taken the proper route. But it was almost worth it just to look back and see the imprint of my body and the two bags dragging along in the snow. The one time I didn’t have my camera.

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