Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Big 100 Gifts

...according to Neiman Marcus.

I love to shop. And though I ripped on them a few weeks ago (details), I love Neiman Marcus. One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting their Big 100 booklet. It’s as if the featured items were picked for me. It is too bad I couldn't find the time to look through it before Christmas so I could add some stuff to my list for Santa Claus. Here are a few of the things that would make the list:

- Valentino Patent Histoire Handbag (check it out) - $1,795: It would fit my laptop and an extra pair of shoes.
-Prada kit Jacket and Pants - $1,735 + $645: OMG! I would look so good on the slopes at Sundance sporting this get up. I wish it was still available at NM so you all could see how awesome it it.
- Christian Dior Purple Tote (check it out) - $990: If I were totally ridiculous, I'd get both the purple and the pink.
- Burberry Cape - $665: me.
- Yves Saint Laurent Patent Leather Tote (check it out)- $1,895: Another handbag perfect for porting around my macbook.
- Gucci Clutch in gold (check it out) - $495.00: You could stomp around town wearing a potato sack and still look amazing if you were carrying this bag.
- David Yurman Sea Urchin Dog Tag (check it out) - $625: I actually love this one AND the dinosaur one. I heart David Yurman bling.
- Jessica Kagan Cushman “You're not the Boss of Me” Bangle (check all of them out) - $125: I say this all of the time...what a perfect accessory for me to wear.
- NM Exclusive Leather Jacket in teal (check it out)- $225: Only $225. It seems like a bargain. Maybe it's a typo. jk
- Burberry Slippers (check them out)- $150: Love these!!!!
- Fendi leather clutch in gunmetal (check it out) - $1,180: And I double love this!!!!
- Nambe Marupe Bowl (check it out) - $600: I've already mentally cleared a spot on my coffee table for this.
- Burberry Check Scarf (check it out) - $160: This scarf totally matches my snow boots.
- Juicy Couture Sequin Hoodie – $389: God, I love hoodies. I am having to put myself on hoodie restriction as I just realized I have over 20 of them. How did that happen???
- Tory Burch Tote in black - $425: I'm not usually fond of the TB wares. But this tote rocks!
- Prada Tote in brown - $1,595: This would be my everyday bag. Although I'm totally loving the bag I got for Christmas this year.

Grand Total of my Neiman's wish-list = $13,694. I need to find a rich Santa for next year.

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