Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Gingerbread House

Final Product: Front Yard
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I bought a kit to make a Gingerbread House thinking it would be a fun holiday activity for me and MES to tackle on our Saturday of Holiday Fun. The box said everything you need was included (except granulated sugar, confectioner’s sugar, cornstarch and a ruler) and it was labeled for ages four and up. How hard can it be? Maybe the older you get, the harder it is as it took us over 24 hours to get our house in a presentable state.

We started off on the right track with MES reading the directions and properly measuring the pieces of gingerbread while I whipped up the paste-like frosting used to hold the thing together. Once we loaded up the pastry bag, we were set to start building. Well, except during the initial construction, MES broke one of the walls. He was not keen on my suggestion that we just forego the fourth wall and build a gingerbread lean-to. So we “icinged” the wall back together and began the build. After hours of building and waiting, building and waiting we were ready to let it set so we could start decorating. And then it all came crashing down, breaking the other wall in the process.

We rebuilt the thing and let it sit overnight. Finally late Sunday evening we took a chance and started to decorate. We had some grandiose plans for our gingerbread estate. Some of the houses in the booklet look like they are straight up out of Southern Living, so I figured we could pull off something similar. No such luck, but the final result was quite so bad.

Honestly, I bet it is easier for a kid to decorate the thing because their hands are small making it easier to hold onto the little sugar decoration balls long enough to attach them to the house. Maybe next year we can find some kids to help us with the delicate decorating.

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